세상엔 말이 안되는 일이 많다.
이미지 여인에게서 보여지는 수려한 미모와 착한 몸매에 이만한 흉부를 소유한다는 게 믿기지 않는다.
정말이지 ‘쵝오’라고 밖엔 달리 표현할 길이 없는 듯 하다.
포토샵을 이용한 것도 아닌 듯 한데 어떻게 저런 S라인을 만들었을까.

There are many things that do not make sense in the world.
I can not believe that she owns the beautiful breast and the good body that is shown in the image woman.
It really seems like there is no way to express it outside as ‘the best’.
It does not seem to be using Photoshop, but how did it make such an S line?

hot lingerie glamour
source: wx3.sinaimg.cn/large/005QZz1Ply1fqb0xpo8y8j30qo13nacs.jpg

beautiful sexy Chinese glamour
source: wx3.sinaimg.cn/large/005QZz1Ply1fqb0xquxbgj30qo140jup.jpg

hot sexy Chinese glamour
source: wx4.sinaimg.cn/large/005QZz1Ply1fqb0xs446mj30qo132n03.jpg

hot sexy Chinese lingerie glamour
source: wx4.sinaimg.cn/large/005QZz1Ply1fqb0xtfa76j30qo14gact.jpg

hot beautiful Chinese glamour
source: wx3.sinaimg.cn/large/005QZz1Ply1fqb0xulhddj30qo13aq61.jpg

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